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Water Damage & Mould Remediation Specialists (IICRC Accredited Technicians)
Committed to providing professional service and making your environment safe
Restore Tech’s qualified technicians will attend to your water damage emergency 24 hours 7 days a week. We are an IICRC accredited firm.

We are the borders leading FIRE and FLOOD restoration service, with the latest in technology and the most comprehensive range of specialist restoration equipment, the preferred Insurance providers.

For MOULD, SEWER or ODOUR contaminations we provide the latest remediation technology to return your home or business to a safe environment.


  • Specialised Equipment
  • Latest Technology


Hygrometers and Hydrosensors to establish the extent and degree of water  migration.Thermohydrometer to determine temperature and humidity to aid in the drying process.


Turbo dryers – designed to increase the rate of evaporation, which in turn increases the rate of drying.  Turbo Vent Systems - which have the ability to dry wall cavities, under cupboards or flooring and enclosed areas that cannot be reached by other methods.  Dehimidifiers – used to quickly remove excess moisture from the air so the evaporation of water from wet materials can take place and the potential for secondary damage is eliminated.


Ozone generators are utilised to create ozone, which is a natural disinfectant , and effectively eliminates odours. Pairing and masking agents are also used in odour control.

Disaster Recovery 24 Hours/ 7 Days

Our restoration professionals will help restore your life and home or business when disaster strikes.


When hit with a water damage emergency or flood disaster, you want an expert water damage recovery team you can count on. Restore Tech offers restoration services for residential and commercial properties. We’ll take care of you no matter what degree of water damage you are experiencing.

Our water damage restoration teams are certified and experienced with the latest water damage remediation techniques and equipment. As a member of the IICRC, Restore Tech representatives uphold professional standards for water and flood damage restoration. Count on us to get your home or your business back to like-new condition quickly.

Get water damage restoration and related, mould remediation services 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Restore Tech will be at your side immediately ready to help. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to clean up and restore your property or business quickly and to put your mind at ease.



We’ll restore damage caused by fire, smoke, ash, and soot. And, we’ll extract all of the water used to extinguish the fire and dry out your home and belongings. We’ll even work with your insurance company to take care of you and your situation. Helping to get your life back to normal quickly and restore your home or business back to like-new condition.

Here’s How We Help:
  • Fire Damage Repair and Reconstruction
  • Smoke Damage Repair
  • Ash & Soot Removal
  • Water Extraction & Content Drying
  • Professional Smoke Odor Removal

Contact us 0418 579 099 24/7 for immediate assistance with your fire and smoke damage repair needs throughout the region.